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Where can I download this game?

You can download from the main website. Click the link below:

Where is my Class Guild?

There are 3 NPCs in town that give a clue to where it is.

  • Warrior Gordy for Warrior
  • Rogue Wanderer for Rogue
  • Lost Mage for Mage

I talked to the NPCs but am still lost.

Warrior - Norsche Canyon, you have to unlock the magic blue doors by finding the 3 orbs and interacting with them in the correct order. Rogue - Vennerwood, you have to talk to the rogue in the prison, he tells you how to free him Mage - Westhelm(Swamp), in the fart west you will find a ghost and have to figure out the correct path to the maze.

Are there Guilds?

Yes! You can create a guild at the Inn in Fenwyndell for 4000 gold. Once you have made a guild you can access it by pushing “G” on keyboard or clicking the gold crown in bottom right corner.

How does the PvP Guild Hall work?

Guild Hall can be contested every day between 1800-2000(6pm-8pm)EST(GMT-5). To control the Guild hall you need to have killed the Guild Boss before the event ends at 2000. In the event there are multiple guilds trying to control the Guild Hall you will also need to defend it to assure no other guild kills the Boss before the event ends.

Can I Respec Stat Points?

Yes, you can respec at your Class Guild. There will be a trainer that will offer a respec service for 200g or 2 favor per level. Example: If you are level 10 it will cost either 2000g or 20 Favor to respec.

Server says its Offline

Your Antivirus program can block the connection to server. Make sure to add an exception to it. This can also occur if server is under maintenance, check with a mod or admin to verify.

Server Status Unknown

This is caused by either using a VPN or your .NET Framework is out of date. Make sure you turn your VPN off before playing the game. You can download the latest .NET Framework at the following:

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