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Weapon Tracks

The challenges tab of the character panel. In this example, the player is checking the progress of their “Saber” weapon track, and can view how close they are to any given challenge, or how far along on a challenge they are so far.

Each weapon in Middle Ages: Online belongs to at least one Weapon Track. To view all of the weapon tracks you have ever unlocked, you can navigate to the “Challenges” tab of your character panel. Advancing a weapon track will earn you something special - most of the time, this is a new skill, but sometimes it can be a new enhancement, or something else entirely. To check what a challenge will award you upon its completion, you can hover over the challenge icon in this window.

To level up a weapon track there are a few prerequisites that must be met:

  • You must equip a weapon belonging to the track you wish to progress. You can check a weapon's type by hovering it, i.e “Level 3 Martial type”
  • The weapon equipped must be at or of a higher level than the weapon level you wish to unlock, i.e you can not use a Level 2 Martial type weapon to get to Martial Level 3.

Once you've equipped an appropriate weapon, you can begin advancing that weapon track. There are two stages to weapon advancement.

Weapon EXP

The first step to weapon advancement is to earn experience points while wielding an appropriate weapon. EXP earned from dungeons, quests, or other special situations does not count for weapon EXP. Primarily, only kills will count toward weapon EXP for a weapon type.

However, you can also earn weapon experience by deconstructing or crafting a weapon of the type that you wish to advance.

You can track your weapon EXP progress by clicking the “Track EXP” button within the challenges tab. A separate EXP bar will appear under your standard EXP bar showing how close you are to unlocking the weapon track's next Challenge.

Once you've earned enough Weapon EXP, you will unlock a challenge.

Weapon Challenges

Weapon challenges are unique tasks you must complete while wielding an appropriate weapon. This can be something like “Get a combo of 25+ while wielding this weapon.” Additionally, most challenges will have extra stipulations attached to them, such as only killing enemies of a specific threat level, or accepting challenge Terms*, which, when accepted, lock you into your current equipment setup to avoid voiding the challenge's conditions.

Upon completion of a challenge, you will advance the weapon track, and unlock whatever is given for advancement.

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